Interactive shop windows

Mannequins with cameras in their eyes could control the shop windows and watch us while we make our purchases.


Fashion companies are already introducing these mannequins developed by the Italian manufacturer Almax SpA, whom have security cameras camouflaged behind the eyes. These cameras not only allow monitoring, the system incorporates a computer program capable of detecting the faces of people being able to offer data such as gender, age or race. These would be used in valuable market research for brands, allowing us in this way the public know that more goes into their stores or passing in front of their windows.

This is just one more step in the technological advances that the stores are being launched. One of the most interesting and important especially during Christmas dates are interactive shop windows. For a couple of years we can find in some cities shop windows that allow passersby interact or play. Examples include the display of Starbucks that allowed the tea ingredient known as a game or Advent Calendar Fred Perry who discovers a daily supplement your collection.

Starbucks interactive  window

Starbucks interactive window

Fred Perry Advent Calendar window

Fred Perry Advent Calendar window

However, the shop window that attracts more attention is that of WESC, thanks to sensors it connects the image shop window with the movement of the person who passes in front. Attractive and fun at the same time.

Fashion brands are not the only ones who make use of the innovations, the charity shop window of the study The Mill allows converting Tweets into snowflakes become part of a snowstorm. In addition, each Tweet is a small donation to an association that cares for homeless persons.

In the following video we can see how the ‘Christmas Wish Machine’


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